Let's reach our community

This October we go deep into our vision to be a church that changes the course of people's story with Jesus.

Psst.... it's going to be amazing!

Everything You Need To Know


  • Member of a congregation at Kellyville Anglican
  • A Christian who believes they are saved by grace, through faith in the Lord Jesus
  • Willingness to serve in a way that honours Jesus
  • Promotes a good reputation of Kellyville Anglican to all those we interact with
  • Communication with your team leader
  • Honouring the commitment you have made to your team

Role Descriptions

There’s a role just waiting for you! Scroll through below to see how you can serve.

Ready to get


VILLEFEST is a mission activity. As a church we want to be ‘on mission’ and this is  one of the ways that we, as a church, can try and reach our friends, family and connections around Kellyville with the good news of Jesus.

Yes! There are lots of opportunities to help with preparation for VILLEFEST e.g. setup, prayer, craft preparation or administrative help. You can help during e.g. catering (dropping food to church) or prayer. You can also help afterwards e.g. follow-up, prayer, clean up etc.

Your K-6 children (and their friends) are welcome to participate in the Kids’ program. We will run a creche for kids whose parents are attending the Adults’ program or serving in other roles, so you can have your smaller children cared for as well.

Yes! We would love you to be part of VILLEFEST. There are lots of different roles you can express your interest in. Also, we will offer training in team meetings and the training days.

Yes, you can still be part of a team. It would be helpful to prioritise the training days if you can; these will be a chance to build your knowledge and skills in how to connect with our community as well as collaborate with your team.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can tick the box “Put me wherever you want!” Alternatively, you can get in touch with Andrew Court or Kathryn Downie to help you consider which roles might be best to suit your gifts and availability.

Thanks for joining in. We can't wait to reach our community with you.

All About Jesus.

Kellyville Anglican Church is all about Jesus. We are a group of people who want to change the course of people’s story with Jesus, together.